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Xerians is an NFT based play to earn card game on Binance Smart Chain Network .

Mechs (named Xerians) are carefully hand-drawn and crafted within all aspects. The collection is created in the mindset of prioritizing high-quality work.

  • Chieftains
  • Unique Xerians
  • Xerian Soldiers
Xerians - Ready for Battle
Binance Smart Chain

We are on Binance Smart Chain. Have  your BNBs ready.

Minting price  is only 0.35 BNB + gas fee

Each wallet can have maximum 10 NFTs each phase.

Minting of first 1000 NFTs is on 27.09.2022

Whitelist sale starts 4 hours prior to public sale.

Get whitelisted and experience the privileges !


After every minting phase (total of 4) we will draw NFTs of known projects for our Xerns. There will be 470 NFTs to be drawn which are app. 250.000$ in total value

A snapshot will be taken 7 days after each phase is sold out. Only holders will be eligible for the draw (holding the NFTs as mystery box exclude holders from participating), Xerians reward draw will take place on livestream

The ticket quantity for each NFT differs according to the rarity of  Xerians Card

Xerians' Universe
There are 3 characters categorized according to their cards and rarities.
1. Chieftains (Heroic)     
2.  Unique Xerians (Superrare)     
3.Xerian Soldiers (Rare/Epic/Common) During the minting process of a Xerian NFT, all layers are generated randomly. Each Xerian soldier belongs to a race according to their body parts.
Xerians Type & Rarity

Chieftains are ready to fight for their divine futures! With only 111 Heroic NFTs, Chieftains are the most powerful characters with the highest scores at the initial minting.
They can’t be separated into layers. When they are minted, they come with a Black Unique Card and a randomized booster (1 of 3 booster slots).

Chieftains Summary

Unique Xerians are the leaders of their race. With 240 Super Rare NFTs, they are the 2nd most powerful characters with the highest scores at the initial minting.
They can’t be separated into layers. When they are minted, they randomly come with Diamond Card from a set of 4 special colors and 1 of 25 different boosters (1 of 3 booster slots) in minting.

Unique Xerians Summary
Rare Epic Common

Xerian Soldiers are ready to do whatever it takes to win their fights. Cards will be Gold, Ruby or Emerald.
They have 3 types of rarity scores  according to their total skill score:

  • Rare – with Emerald card
  • Epic – with Ruby card
  • Common – with Gold card

Xerian Soldiers Summary


Xerena is an ERC-721 NFT that acts as a battle arena. Xerns can buy Xerenas and rent them out to gain passive income from each match that takes place on their rented out Xerenas. Each Xerena boosts skills in different ways. Xerenas’ multipliers of each skill is defined by the system and it affects the overall score of a team. Xern can see which Xerena boosts which skill while purchasing one.
Frequently Asked Questions
You should know this
How Can I Mint Xerians NFTs?
1-Connect your MetaMask Wallet to
2-Press “Mint” button and go to minting page
3-Press “Mint Now” and approve MetaMask transaction of 0.35 BNB + Gas Fee
4-Press  “My Collections” button in order to see your Mystery Box NFT
5-Click on  Mystery Box NFT . Press “Open Box” button and approve MetaMask Gas Fee of transaction
6-See your Xerians NFT in  “My Collections” sections
Can I keep my NFT in my mystery box ?
Yes, you can. A Xern (Xerians NFT Holder) may prefer to  claim the mystery box to make the unique NFT card reveal or  keep the NFT hidden in mystery box as long as s/he wants. Mystery boxes have also the option to be sold in marketplaces to interested buyers.
We just recommend to follow our social media accounts and stay informed about the benefits and utilities for NFTs.
How much does it cost to mint a Xerian?
Minting price is  0.35 BNB + Gas fee.
Can I resell my Xerian NFT ?
Yes, you can. You can resell your NFT either opened or as a mystery box.
Can I choose my Xerian character during minting phase?
No , it is impossible. Minted NFTs come in mystery boxes You buy and mint the mystery box without knowing the rarity and the character in it. It is just seen when you open it.
How many Xerians will be minted?
Totally there are 4 phases and 10.000 NFTs open to public sale. 
Each wallet account can mint up to 10 Xerians NFTs each phase. There will be 1000 NFT to be sold in the first phase of minting
How can I open my Mystery Box?
1. Press  “My Collections” button in order to see your Mystery Box NFT
2. Click on  Mystery Box NFT . Press “Open Box” button and approve MetaMask Gas Fee of transaction
3. See your Xerians NFT in  “My Collections” sections
What are rarities of Xerian NFTs?
Each NFT is created with a score given by the rarity tool during minting. There are 3 different characters (Chieftains, Unique Xerians and Xerian Soldiers) and 5 different rarities (Heroic, Superrare, Epic, Rare, Common) . Chieftains are always Heroic and  Unique Xerians are always Superrare. So the rarity of them  are fixed whereas Xerian Soldiers can be one of the other 3 rarities.
What is Xerians NFT Draw ?
In the end of each minting phase, there are Xerians' NFT Draws where Xerns earn 470 NFTS of different projects valued app. 250.000 $ .On the 7th day after the sold out of each phase, the team will take a snapshot of holders and tickets are distributed acc. to rarity of the card opened. Xerians Reward Draw takes place on Live stream. The rewards will be transferred to wallets of the winners in 15 days. 
How can I participate for Xerians NFT Draw?
The snapshot of holders is done 7 days after the NFTs are sold out and the draw takes place the following days. Xern is eligible to participate for the draw if s/he has opened the minted mystery box before snapshot. If s/he has kept it unopened , she has preferred not to attend to draw.
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